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LS3 Technologies is proud to serve as one of a small contingent of organizations that was approved and awarded the FAA eFAST Blanket Purchase Agreement. This contracting vehicles allows significant access to our team under an acquisition vehicle that spans multiple years with pre-negotiated labor rates and categories.The Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Electronic FAA Accelerated and Simplified Tasks (eFAST) BPA provides ordering activities with pre-negotiated labor categories and rates across a wide range of socio-economic and disadvantaged companies, The FAA Contract Opportunity Website, provides more information regarding accessing resources using this FAA preferred acquisition vehicle. LS3 Technologies is proud to serve as one of these distinguished and pre-evaluated firms, offering our unique blend of talent, skill, and capability to our partners at FAA, Transportation, and other Federal and State level organizations that seek highly capable business partners that will work to achieve your objectives.

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