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Solution Development


As a fully qualified technology integrator, developer, and solutions provider, with demonstrable experience in the conceptualization, design, development, implementation, and operations for enterprise scope solutions, products, and capabilities, we support any scope, complexity, or scale development need. We staff teams (large or small) with the right competencies, expertise, and experience to bring you cost effective solutions to address your program or mission goals.

•Our Agile methods use Scrum, Kanban, and Lean development. Our methods minimize communication problems, expand DevOps and DevSecOps automation within DEV lifecycles. Our cultural collaboration builds consensus in decisions to drive results in Sprints. We also support waterfall SDLC and migrate to modernized development methods where appropriate

•LS3’s Interaction Design best practices create well thought out interfaces to drive system functionality, effectively putting the user in constant control of their experience. Our approach builds a strong relationship between the user and the product/services they are using. Since interaction design takes a soft science approach to solutions design, we constantly evaluate the tradeoffs between the many aspects of the user experience, some of which are:

     •Design Consistency throughout the application, Functionality that embraces minimalism,


     •Interactivity/Engagement to keep users engaged,


     •Perceivability inviting an intuitive experience, promoting actions that are easily learned and remembered,           and


     •Proactivity which promotes and anticipates user need and dynamically presents options to guide the                   user to process completion.

•We fully embrace all best practices prescribed at, and use simplified and easy to understand language and fully developed error handling as part of “back end” functional design.

•We integrate automated testing into Dev cycles to expedite quality validation into the Dev to Ops process, and our Developers proactively support Operations to infuse knowledge, competencies, and documentation into the often problematic Dev to Ops hand off – delivering optimized velocity

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