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Program Management

LS3 offers experienced, qualified, and expert management consultants that apply best practices (e.g., Program Management Institute, Program Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and Business Analysis Body of Knowledge) to fully support program leadership for meeting mission critical objectives. Our comprehensive program management provides the people, processes, and technologies needed to realize program success, to deliver innovation, and to maximize program efficiency. As a long serving Federal Government prime contractor, we readily support compliance with all Federal laws, directives, objectives and guidelines.

LS3 uses an iterative, multi-dimensional approach, supported with all critical tools needed to implement solutions:

     •Critical Drivers and Enablers – Identifying and defining key required capabilities and constraints.


     •Best practices – Use of lessons learned, best practices, and comparing benchmarks to assess target                     performance levels.


     •Process Reengineering – Using best practice process measurement and utilizing key performance metrics          and critical gap analyses to renew and improve all manner of program processes.


     •Change Management – Mobilizing leadership and staff to use the best support approaches suited to the            program.


      •Performance Measurements – Baseline and evaluate the successful implementation of the program,                  project, or solution.

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