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LS3 offers the strongest and most skilled HSPD-12 team available in industry today! We are the team that designed, developed, integrated, and implemented the HSPD-12 solution for the second largest Federal Government Department, servicing an organization of more than half a million users! We are also the organization that services the management requirements for several other Federal Department and Agencies, and are the thought leaders that spearheaded the Card Usage model from DAY ONE with all of our implementation and management efforts.LS3's solutions for HSPD-12 integrate the LACS and PACS requirements for card usage from day one. Our PIV credentials do not suffer from an absence of use cases or applicability. Our solutions bake in the utility of PIV Credentials the very day they are issued, offering immediate business value to our customers. Many implementation concentrate on the distribution and issuance of PIV Credentials as the first and immediate focus for PIV programs. Unfortunately, this approach is fraught with technical risk in the use and utility of the credential at a later phase of implementation. The PIV Card data model, as defined by the NIST, is not easily adjusted, and once adjustments are driven to the data elements in your organizations PIV credential, the only means to adopt those changes is the reissuance of all of your credentials within the enterprise or massive adjustment to the internal Identity Management services of the enterprise environment. Either of these approaches is costly, time consuming, and introduce significant risk to the adoption and use of PIV Credentials in accordance with the HSPD-12 mandate. 


















Our team is quite simply the most skilled, experienced, and talented team of resources available today for Federal customers. Our solutions are technology and vendor agnostic, leveraging the investments and tools available to your organization today, and combining them with our deep experience in Identity and Access Management, to provide solutions that are future proofed, easily adopted, and lower your total cost of ownership in the implementation of FIPS 201 compliant solutions.

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